UK Perfect Replica Audemars Piguet Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar in Yellow Gold

Perpetual calendars are so anachronistically un-useful that I feel I absolutely need one, and I still think neo-vintage offers some value, particularly when it comes to complicated replica watches online uk like ultra-thin perpetual calendars. In 1978, perfect fake Audemars Piguet started the whole ultra-thin perpetual calendar trend, and after trying on a lot of these perpetuals, it’s still my favorite (3940 fans, I’ll see you in the comments).

Rich had tried to sell me on Breguet perpetual calendars from this era, but to me the UK luxury replica Audemars Piguet‘s design is just better. The Jacqueline Dimier-designed case, with its stepped bezel and short, curved lugs, is perfect. Forget Genta, give me a Dimier design every day. Cost: $17,000; Remaining: $25,000