Did UK luxury replica Patek Philippe just MoonSwatch its mechanical Aquanaut Travel Time?

If quartz isn’t cool, why didn’t 1:1 replica Patek Philippe get called out for this? In case you missed it, the renowned brand reprised its Aquanaut Travel Time at this year’s Watches and Wonders with the 5269R. As expected for any perfect fake Patek Philippe, many have already joined a waitlist to pick one up. And, even more expected, Mark Wahlberg has already snagged one – his wrist always the first to debut many novelties in the wild.

But here is the twist: this ticking model ain’t a deadbeat, it’s a straight-up quartz model. And this is not your Élégante Journe quartz with all kinds of sexy twists, a retro-futuristic Girard-Perregaux take, or super-advanced Grand Seiko 9F quartz. This appears to be plain, stock-standard quartz. In fact, in some respects, dare I say, cheap super clone Patek Philippe has effectively self-made an expensive clone of its mechanical Travel Time Aquanaut – which is an absolute heater and fan-favourite.

Another way to look at it – while not encased in plastic, aaa quality replica Patek Philippe UK just MoonSwatched its own mechanical watch. Functionally speaking, you have a traditional Speedmaster, and the MoonSwatch offers a vastly less expensive and quartz-driven Speedmaster (albeit not in precious metal). So why is there no quartz cringe or pushback? Does this mean quartz has crossed its Rubicon and it’s back on the table, or is it a case of rule for thee but not for me?

Patek Philippe replica for sale describes the new Travel Time as eloquently as you’d expect. “Equipped with an exclusive quartz caliber, this travel watch with its ‘contemporary casual chic’ style is distinguished by its Travel Time display with a practical and discreet crown-operated setting system.”

To be clear, Time+Tide has never been about quartz snobbery. There is nothing wrong with a quartz-driven wristwatch. That being said, we were all surprised to see that the horological hooligans did not come out in full force and (wrongly) quartz-shame the 5269R. While quartz Aquanauts are nothing new, it is surprising, within the context of Swiss movement fake Patek Philippe, to see a complication watch using a quartz calibre.

The movement is hidden beneath a solid caseback, but looking at the image of the movement, it has been finished to a standard befitting of the Holy Trinity brand. So, there is a case to be made that it should have been exhibited. With some commenters noting that, with a quartz movement and a solid caseback, the best quality replica watches are ripe for counterfeiting (why I made the comment about high quality fake Patek Philippe cloning its own watch), there is a valid concern there.

The question is whether Patek Philippe super clone online uk has a sense of internal quartz-shame, choosing not to exhibit the movement of the 5269R, though I’m not sure that’s the case. Patek Philippe did play a significant role in the famed Beta 21 quartz technology, and well past the quartz crisis there has been a resurgence of appreciation for quartz technology. Had top super clone Patek Philippe gone the Journe route and crafted the calibre in solid gold, it would have perhaps yielded less confusion or offered a greater sense of Patek-level luxury and definitely been worthy of exhibition (along with being harder to fake). That being said, that would have almost certainly significantly increased the price.

To bring back the main point front and centre, the cheap fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5269R is not a bad watch by any means. It is simply unexpected and not in alignment with what the most prized watchmaker in the world typically produces. And with watch snobs, who commonly covet Patek timepieces, the little to no pushback upon its release – rather an immediate queue of interested buyers – begged the question I stated earlier: does this mean quartz has crossed its Rubicon and it’s back on the table, or is it one rule for Patek and another for the rest? If you haven’t done so already, leave a comment on the reel embedded above, and let us know your thoughts.