UK Luxury Replica Patek Philippe Releases A Rainbow Aquanaut Luce Minute Repeater – For Ladies

Yesterday morning, in the early hours East Coast time, perfect replica Patek Philippe launched a host of new references in the Aquanaut and Nautilus collections. One of those watches stood out from the rest: a rainbow Aquanaut with minute repeater complication “for ladies.” Needless to say, I woke up to a tirade of rainbow Aquanaut images on Instagram. After approximately five solid minutes of eye-rubbing, a giant glass of water, and a barrage of unopened texts about the new 1:1 fake Patek Philippe UK, I checked my phone for the second time. I was immediately reminded of last year’s Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce replica for sale rainbow release and my militant scrutiny regarding gem-setting as the easy way out for women’s watch design.

Okay – so now I am one year wiser but my opinion remains firmly unchanged.
They say go with your gut, but I couldn’t really place any of my feelings because it was a lot to absorb all at once. UK AAA quality fake Patek Philippe Minute repeater “for women”: I fully approve (although more on this later because the semantics here are tricky). Provocative use of gemstones: I fully approve. Full rainbow gem setting on the case and bracelet? Maybe not as much. Gender labeling these new gem-set releases: C’mon now, it’s 2023.

Sometimes, I argue for no gender; other days, I argue for intentional women’s design. Often, I realize it has nothing to do with the label and everything to do with the attitude taken on by the brand in its approach. If you are targeting women, you better be asking women what they want – because even I don’t know exactly what women want. I like 36mm cheap super clone watches, some women like 41mm, and some like teeny tiny 26mm cases. And some like a mix.

The really clever thing to do would be to offer a range of sizing. AP does this and they are on their way to figuring out that not all women like the same things. AP’s rainbow-set release last year, for example, came in both 37mm and 41mm, with no assigned gender labels.

With a watch like the Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut, a recognizable, sportier model in the “modern” Patek canon, there is a golden window of opportunity to make a statement. I still haven’t managed to decipher exactly what the statement being made here is, but I have to hand it to top quality fake Patek Philippe: ask for more complicated watches for women, and you shall receive.

After a very large coffee and a lot of deep pensive thought, I called Hodinkee alum Cara Barrett and asked for her take: “I love the risks Patek Philippe super clone for sale is taking with such a traditional model. But I would love to see something more understated for this particular watch. Perhaps a platinum or white gold Aquanaut MR in taupe 35mm?” How chic.

Let’s break down the watch specs, because I’m all here for an aaa quality replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut minute repeater and the gem setting is certainly impressive. And okay it isn’t waterproof but I’ll leave that argument to the Patina boys of Instagram. I’m sorry but who is going diving in a 2 million dollar gem-set watch?

Following on from last year’s Chronograph high quality fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Reference 7968/300R-001, this is the souped-up version, complete with a rainbow of multicolored baguette-cut sapphires and baguette-cut diamonds. Available on a bracelet or a composite strap, but these are not exactly the same watch.