Two Luxury Replica Patek Philippe Watches For Auction

Fake Patek Philippe ref. 3450 With Integrated Bracelet
Often overshadowed by its chronograph-included counterparts, the “Padellone” perpetual calendars are one of my favorite calendar high quality replica watches in history. The follow-up to the perfect replica Patek Philippe ref. 3448, the ref. 3450 has an aperture at 3:30 on the dial showing the leap year, and a smoother, sloping case bezel. “Very few were made with integrated bracelets,” Parmegiani says, no more than two dozen, less than a tenth of the total production.

This luxury fake Patek Philippe UK is from the tail end of the watch’s lifespan, 1985, and with a bracelet that’s the same style as one of the no more than four braceleted ref. 2499s ever made (Jay-Z recently bought one of the others). If the owner of that matching ref. 2499 doesn’t have a 3450 already, you could be in for a bidding war. Either way, I figure it might be worth it. These integrated bracelet AAA quality replica Patek Philippe not only wear very comfortably, but they were also long overlooked. The estimate – €180,000 to⁠ 360,000 – reflects pretty conservative pricing compared to my guess of its market value.

A Rectangular Replica Audemars Piguet Calendar from 1954
I’m continuing with my love for calendars, this time with my eyes gravitating toward a beautiful 1954 1:1 fake Audemars Piguet simple calendar with moonphases, ref. 5514BA. It’s really an adorable and well-balanced Tank-esque watch, measuring only 24mm × 24 mm. Made in no more than 20 examples over two series from 1945 to 1960, only seven have ever come to market, leading to a €150,000 to⁠ 300,000 estimate.

Parmegiani said that this Swiss movement replica Audemars Piguet came from the American market and from the original family, found by one of his team, Adam Victor. Sure it’s small for modern tastes, but those wonderful fancy teardrop lugs give it all the great Art Deco vibes you’d want with a bit more punch than your everyday Tank.