Three Ceramic Zenith Defy Classic Replica Watches

Zenith launches three brand-new ceramic Defy wristwatches which are all with the modern appearance. While some elements on the perfect Zenith Defy fake watches have inherited the distinctive design style during 1960s to 1970s.

These three watches are with skeleton dials and ceramic cases.
Extraordinary Zenith Defy Knockoff Watches

Now Zenith reinterprets it with the ceramic material. These Zenith copy with skeleton dials are all made by ceramic and the skeleton dials sport a distinctive look of sporty and technological style. Each one has its own theme color which is separately white, black and blue.

The Zenith Defy is with technological and futuristic sense.
Blue Rubber Strap Zenith Defy Fake Watch

The ceramic has been widely used in watchmaking industry and one of the advantages is its good resistance to scratching. The 41 mm imitation watches entirely meet the requirements and taste of the modern men and women. All these three watches are good choices for both men and women.