Pink Gold And Carbon Bell & Ross Marine Fake Best Watches For Hot Sale

Bell & Ross has three collections. Each collection has its own shape for its products. Marine collection has tonneau-shaped cases. The usage of colors and materials make the decent Bell & Ross Marine replica watches look cool, attractive to male customers. Their dials have enlarged hour markers and hands. They are all covered with white luminescence. Their 44mm cases are made of satin-brushed 18ct pink gold and steel with matte black PCD coatings.

There is a small indicator set at 5 o’clock showing the date. Wearers can see the time clearly even in the dark situations. The black dials offer a good readability to wearers. And their unidirectional internal bezels are carried with 60-minute graduated scales. The timepieces have compact and simple designs. Their functions are also practical enough for daily use. The pink gold and black watches are regarded as a cool accessory for young boys to wear.

Bell & Ross copy watches with black rubber straps have an outstanding waterproofness to 1000m deep. They can be worn as a reliable companion during diving activities. Even though you are in the deep ocean, the professional watches can keep steady and accurate performances.