Swiss movement replica Hublot is unafraid to stir up a little controversy. In fact, the brand thrives on it. From ostentatious designs to edgy marketing tactics and all-star ambassadors, luxury fake Hublot is uncompromising in its vision and isn’t afraid to send the horological establishment clutching for its metaphorical pearls along the way.

From our perch within the watch industry, we often find ourselves gawking, slack-jawed at the latest aaa quality replica Hublot UK release. And just as often, we find ourselves wanting to be a bit like them, too.

With the possibility of a special collaboration on the horizon, we had to decide which direction felt the best for a joint project between perfect replica Hublot and Hodinkee. Maybe a Big Bang? Or something even more wild? Ultimately, we couldn’t stop thinking about a Hublot that is not just unattainable – but actually downright unbuyable.

A watch no one could buy.

In 2012, high quality fake Hublot UK took inspiration from the auto service industry and began giving its customers a plastic, quartz-powered watch to temporarily keep their wrist company while their watch was in the shop – like a loaner from your local dealership.

This service was exclusively available at Swiss movement copy Hublot Ateliers, and the watch itself was not available for purchase, explicitly marked by the words Not For Sale printed plainly on the dial. But of course, exclusivity drives demand, and Hublot found itself dodging countless requests from its customers wanting to break the rules and get a loaner watch to call their own. And now, you can. Sort of. There will be just 100 units made of The cheap fake Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Limited Edition For Hodinkee, all priced at $7,900. Get yours exclusively in the Hodinkee Shop while you still can.