Best Square Replica Watches Online UK To Buy In 2023

Huey Lewis and the News were spot-on when they said it’s hip to be square. Although square and rectangular replica watches for sale uk have always been in the minority compared to their round cousins, their appeal endures.

The shape is both modern and pleasingly retro; at once classic and contemporary. Square Swiss fake watches are perfect if you’re in the market for something slightly unusual but still versatile and wearable. Two of our favourite square watches are below.

Replica Cartier Santos de Cartier
There’s no better place to start this list than with the perfect replica Cartier Santos de Cartier, which is not only one of the most iconic square watches ever, but straight-up the first wristwatch ever made.
Created in 1904 at the request of enterprising Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, the luxury fake Santos de Cartier remains one of the most stylish watches one can hope to wear.

The modern iteration is available in a wide variety of case materials and sizes. It also features UK 1:1 super clone Cartier’s QuickSwitch system: an invisible mechanism that blends into the structure of the case and makes it a cinch to swap straps – say from a classic leather strap to the Santos’ integrated bracelet.

Fake TAG Heuer Monaco
Worn by everyone from Steve McQueen and Max Verstappen to Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith, the AAA replica TAG Heuer Monaco is probably the most famous square watch ever.
Particularly beloved by motorsports fans and named after the famous high quality fake TAG Heuer Monaco Grand Prix, its distinctive boxy case design now houses TAG’s in-house Heuer 02 movement, which boasts an 80h power reserve and 100m of water resistance.